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Naval Historical Time Line

This Day in Danish Naval History

In this section you will find a chronological summary of the major events in the History of the Royal Danish and Norwegian Navy from 1801 and up till 1814, and the Royal Danish Navy since 1814 to the present day.

Some major events, which took place before 1801, are also summarized into this time line; indicating they are still a major part of the past and present of the Danish Naval History.

You wil also find a complete Royal Lineage covering the Danish Queens and Kings from ancient history to the present day.

44See the Royal Lineage

You will also find a complete survey of Sea Accidents and Losses, that have taken place since 1801. Accidents and losses caused by enemy actions are not included.

44See the list of Sea Accidents and Losses

Events marked with a indicates, that the day is also a Danish National or Military Flag Flying Day.

View from the Battle of Copenhagen April 2, 1801

One view of the Battle of Copenhagen April 2, 1801,
one of the best known episodes in Danish Naval History
(Painting by Neuman

from the archives of the Royal Danish Naval Museum)

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please e-mail me, enclosures are welcome.
Please remember to list your sources.

You can also use the Naval Web Forum on this web-site.



Danske Søofficerer 1933-1982, edited by S. E. Pontoppidan og J. Teisen, Published by Søe-Lieutenant-Selskabet, Copenhagen, 1984.


Flådens skibe og fartøjer 1945-1995, by Gunnar Olsen and Svenn Storgaard, Marinehistorisk Selskabs Skrift nr. 28, Copenhagen 1998 (ISBN 87-87720-13-2)


Forsvarskommandobefaling nr. 12/1992


Grønlands Kommando i 50 år, by Per Herholdt Jensen, Aschehoug Dansk Forlag A/S (ISBN 87-11-16258-9)


Vort Søværns Hæders- og Mindedage, by F. H. Kjølsen, Commander s.g., H. Hagerups Forlag, Copenhagen, 1942

44You are also referred to the Naval Bibliography

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