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Photo Albums

When one picture could express more than a thousand words...

Below you will find a number of photo albums.

The albums found here can either be a photo session showing, just in pictures, parts of the Danish naval history or in other cases be an addendum to articles etc. published on this web site.

The albums are listed in chronological order, however albums covering several time periods or without date are placed at the bottom of this page.

Pictures of individual ships, aircrafts, persons or episodes etc. should still be found on the relevant data sheets or articles.

ABSALON in Task Force 151 (2009)

Total Number of Photos: 10

On Thursday, February 12, 2009, the command and support ship ABSALON was transferred to the US lead Combined Task Force 151 (TF151). This album shows boarding exercise and line ups.

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EJNAR MIKKELSEN embarks LCP (2009)

Total Number of Photos: 10

This photo album shows how the LCP meets its docking area on the offshore patrol vessel EJNAR MIKKELSEN in calm sea in the port of Copenhagen.

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Total Number of Photos: 52

Russian Naval Infantry landed at Zealand's Point. Wednesday, June 16, a joint force of Russian marines and British commandos took part in an exercise evacuating 65 Danish civilians.

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ABSALON launched ESSM (2008)

Total Number of Photos: 9

Tuesday, April 15, at 1745 the Command and Support Ship HDMS ABSALON for the first time launched an ESSM (Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile).  All aspects of the live firing evolved according to plan.

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RAVNEN returns home (2007)

Total Number of Photos: 21

The guided missile vessel RAVNEN has ended its deployment with the multi national naval force, UNIFIL, off the coast of Lebanon. To spare both ship and crew it was decided to bring the ship back home on board the German heavy lift carrier CONDOCK I.

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VIBEN in Beirut (2007)

Total Number of Photos: 5

Wednesday, January 10, 2007, the guided missile vessel VIBEN made a brief call to Beirut in Lebanon. The Danish vessel was called in, to pick up the German commander of the multinational naval force, UNIFIL, operating off the coast of Lebanon.

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Danish LYNX train Swedes (2006)

Total Number of Photos: 16

On November 7, a Royal Danish Super Lynx Mk 90B conducted the first ever helicopter deck landing on the first-of-class Swedish corvette VISBY inside the Naval Base in Frederikshavn.

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Back to Russia (2006)

Total Number of Photos: 16

The remains of the Danish born mother of Russia's last tsar was sailed on board the ESBERN SNARE from Copenhagen to St. Petersburg, exactly 140 years after she first arrived in Russia.

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EH-101's first landing on ESBERN SNARE (2006)

Total Number of Photos: 12

Mid September it was scheduled to have the Merlin Joint Supporter make its first landing on the command and support ship ESBERN SNARE. The ship was visiting Aarhus at the time of the event.

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3rd Galathea Expedition (2006-07)

Total Number of Photos: 29

Friday August 11, 2006, at precisely 18:45 hours, VÆDDEREN, the offshore patrol frigate now temporary refitted as an expeditionary vessel, departed Copenhagen and began 8 months of circumnavigating the world.

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Surveying Vessel SKA 11 Lost (2006)

Total Number of Photos: 24

During survey operations in the Arsuk Fjord in Greenland, the surveying vessel SKA 11 ran aground on a sunken rock, and was lost a few days later during the following salvage operation.

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Patrol Ships Project (2006)

Total Number of Photos: 10

The Naval Material Command and the Odense Steel Shipyard are working on the design and production planning of three new frigate sized patrol ships.

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VÆDDEREN refitted (2006)

Total Number of Photos: 14

The offshore patrol frigate VÆDDEREN will be the floating base for a number of Danish and foreign scientists and researchers when the third Galathea Expedition are planned to take place from August 2006 thru April 2007.

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Support Ships in a Line-Up (2005)

Total Number of Photos: 10

During the fall of 2005 the newly built and largest Danish naval vessels, the command and support ships ABSALON and ESBERN SNARE were joined for the first time in a combined exercise.

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Lifted from the Gulf (2003)

Total Number of Photos: 13

After exactly one year in international operations in the Mediterranean and in operation Iraqi Freedom in the Arabian Gulf, the submarine SÆLEN was lifted back to Denmark on board the heavy lift carrier GRIETJE.

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Launching a Stinger (2001)

Total Number of Photos: 12

From around 2000 several navy ships were equipped with new fixed mounted twin launchers for Stinger missiles. This album shows the training, preparations and test launch of Stinger missiles from the corvette NIELS JUEL and a FALSTER Class minelayer.

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Total Number of Photos: 15

The Royal Danish Navy's corvette OLFERT FISCHER (F355) went in for a replenishment at sea (RAS) with the mighty battleship USS WISCONSIN (BB64) in the Persian Gulf on November 24, 1990.

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Preparing a SeaSparrow (1979)

Total Number of Photos: 21

In 1979 the frigate HERLUF TROLLE had also been refitted and rearmed, and this album shows the first preparing and test launching of a Sea Sparrow Surface-to-Air-Missile (SAM).

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Submarine Capsized (1979)

Total Number of Photos: 25

On September 21 the SPÆKHUGGEREN had finished its overhaul and should be refloated, but due to some serious malfunctions, the submarine capsized in the floating dock causing severe material damage.

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SSM Missiles Onboard (1977)

Total Number of Photos: 11

The frigate HERLUF TROLLE was the first of the two frigates of the PEDER SKRAM Class to be refitted in 1976-77 and armed with Harpoon SSM's and SeaSparrow SAM's.

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German Torpedo Station (1945)

Total Number of Photos: 9

The German Kriegsmarine had during the 2nd World War established new landbased torpedo stations at Korsør and Helsingør. These pictures shows the station at Helsingør, just close to the Kronborg (Elsinore) Castle in the northern part of the Sound.

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New Naval Fighter Aero planes (1926)

Total Number of Photos: 9

In 1925 it was decided to expand the Naval Air Service with a section of modern land based fighters, and 3 planes were purchased in England, and based at Kastrup airfield (today, i.e. Copenhagen Airport).

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